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Our vision is to maintain strategic partnerships between USDA and HSIs that provide equitable access to employment, educational and institutional development opportunities.

Mission Statement
The USDA Hispanic-Serving Institutions National Program acts as a positive and dynamic, innovative, driving force at USDA in support of a workforce and educational program delivery reflective of the needs of a diverse population. This is accomplished through targeted partnerships with Hispanic-Serving Institutions and other public and private entities in a manner that supports the agricultural industry in the 21st century.

Leadership Group
The USDA/HACU Leadership Group is a national body of USDA and Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) leaders appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture and the President of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) that recommends policies and programs to strengthen USDA partnerships with HSIs and provides leadership and strategic direction to the USDA Hispanic-Serving Institutions National Program Office.

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